Television Creators

Enhance Development to Release Process

Pilot Virtually,
Enhance Early Research

Reach out to a more representative audience in greater numbers. Allow users to engage on their own terms to gather more authentic implicit data sets. Television broadcast is no longer the single greatest route to monetization for content. Use Pilotly to truly understand your audience potential and begin matching your content to the appropriate distribution channel.

Optimize Marketing,
On-board More Viewers

By testing prior to release, gather insights that can fine-tune your digital marketing strategy to fit online browsing habits of your audience. A/B test promos to optimize creative. Even track intent to share and the social networks viewers engage on most to provide additional direction to your marketing team.

Take an Agile Approach,
Optimize for Success

The pilot episode no longer determines the long term success of a series, and purely quantitative metrics post release can help you optimize the market outcome for your show. Enter Agile Research. Connect with a captive audience weekly before the release of your content to understand how viewers feel about your show over time. Build a data set over time that can act as a ratings predictor, help you adjust creative mid-season or optimize marketing placements.