Collect Feedback Easily

Display questions at any time, enable participants to comment and even chat with them directly

Ask Questions
Anytime During Your Test

Pilotly's carefully designed non-intrusive survey display capability enables you to ask questions prior to, during and after screenings. Make questions required or optional, choose from a variety of question types and build surveys with dependencies to get the feedback you need.

Organic Feedback
During Screenings

Using the Like/Dislike feature, panelists are able to respond to what they're watching at anytime without a question prompt. All likes and dislikes are mapped to scenes, allowing you to quickly visualize the data in our dashboard

Chat With Viewers And
Add Depth To Your Research

Asking a set of questions and allowing viewers to give independent feedback is great, but as you see trends happening with certain types of users, reach out in real-time to learn more about why they responded the way they did.